Support Facilities for Teaching and Support

Students enrolled in the MU/CRI/AIT inter-university program will get an opportunity to make use of well equipped and up-to-date laboratories, facilities and research stations. Examples of such facilities are listed below :

MU: Pilot plant for Biotechnology, Multidisciplinary Laboratories
CRI : Nine laboratories specializing in Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Toxicology, and Biotechnology and a central laboratory facility with a whole range of sophisticated scientific equipments
AIT : Environmental Engineering Laboratory


Major Equipment – IU (CRI)

1. Laser Capture Microdissector
2. Affymetrix Genechip 3000 Instrument System (MicroArray)
3. Rodent Inhalation Exposure System (whole body exposure unit)
4. Rodent Inhalation Exposure System (nose only exposure unit)