• Inter-University program is conducted in the English language, the Institute’s official medium of all communication. All applicants for Inter-University program are thus expected to produce evidence of proficiency in English (preferably TOEFL, but alternatively GRE, ALIGU, or IELTS).
  • All candidates for entry to Inter-University program must provide certificated evidence of good health.

Admission Requirements

Master Degree Program (M.Sc.)

  • A candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree (normally from four years program) or its equivalent preferably in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Natural Science, Medical Sciences, Agriculture, or in a related field and should have a GPA of 2.50.

Doctoral Degree Program (Ph.D.)

  • Candidates should hold a Master’s Degree or its equivalent from an institution of good standing and should normally have a GPA of 3.50 at the Master’s level.